Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Summit View Remodeling:

We Wish You and Yours a very Merry Christmas!



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Is it too, late for a FREE roof?

Okay, so you have either delayed contacting your insurance company initially after the October 5th hail storm or you have filled a claim and just haven’t selected a roofing contractor yet.  I get it; I really do- we are all busy with life.  Summit View Remodeling  is here for you.  That’s right we do more than kitchens and baths and always have.

New Roof in Peoria

We have several roofing crews ready to strip off your old shingles and install your new ones.  Summit View Remodeling has a staff trained to work with all insurance companies.  Whether you live in Surprise, Tempe, Glendale, Phoenix, Peoria, Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, or Mesa… when it comes to roofing in Arizona: we have you covered.

The DOI (Department of Insurance) spokesperson that I spoke with assured me that the State of Arizona does not enforce a statute of limitations on your insurance claim.  Therefore the limits would be placed on your insurance policy by the insurance underwritter.  So, you need to check with your insurance agent ASAP (if you have not already) to ensure that your new roof is covered and replaced in the “timely manner” required by most insurance providers.

Most home owners benefit from a low cost deductible being covered by one of our rebate programs.  Being translated: a FREE ROOF.  The present economy being what it is makes FREE appealing to all of us.

New Roof in Glendale

Call Summit View Remodeling TODAY, at 623.755.4793 or 480.251.9800 and schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION!  One of our friendly and profession staff will provide a no-cost evaluation of your roof.  Should we find hail or wind damage to your roof, we will assist you in the process of  filing a claim with your insurance carrier.  We have the knowledge and experience to explain the process and paperwork provided by your home owner’s insurance to you and make it as simple as possible.

By: Bryan Holloway

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Doors and Windows

Summit View Remodeling offers a full line options in door and window replacement.  Many of our clients prefer the advantages of vinyl replacement windows.  These windows are dual pane IG (Insulated Glass) units which utilize Argon gas to insulate your home.  The LowE film which is applied to the inside of the outer pane of glass also prevents most of the UV rays from entering your home.  When saving energy and lowering utility bills becomes a priority- give us a call!

New Vinyl Replacement Window

Doors range from hollow core interior doors with plain fronts or raised panelled to exterior doors made of metal, wood, or fiberglass.  One job in particular comes to mind where we replaced all the interior doors with solid mahogany doors and the exterior doors where exchanged for custom wood doors as well.  Summit View Remodeling is just that flexible; whether it is replacing a broken bedroom door on you rental or installing custom doors on your own home.

New Mahogany DoorsNew Entry Door







New Entry Door








We can meet most any budget requirements and provide the quality customer service you deserve.  We work  with clients in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Apache Junction, Surprise, Peoria, Mesa, and Gilbert.  When it comes to finding a contractor who shows up on time, finishes on budget, and respects you and your property- Summit View Remodeling  is your best choice whether on the east or west of the Valley.



Bryan Holloway


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Randy’s Bathroom

Randy's Bathroom Before Randy's Bathroom Before

Randy had an extra bathroom which had suffered from years of neglect.  The bathroom plumbing developed a leak and the water was shut off in lieu of a repair at the time.  Subsequently this bath became a catch all for storage and the bedroom it was a attached to also saw little use for guests.  That was all about to change.

Bryan Holloway co-owner of Summit View Remodeling met with Randy to redesign the bathroom and make the most of the small 5′ x 10′ full bath.  Upon initial inspection of the existing foot print, it was determined that the claw foot bath tub would be scraped in favor of a walk-in shower.  A full wall mirror had been used behind the tub in order to give the appearance that the room was larger; this too, would certainly be removed as this would be the new rear wall of the shower.


Bathroom During Remodel






Pocket Door for New Bathroom










Repairs were made to the damaged plumbing, then the rebuilding began.  A pocket door was selected in order to lessen the disruption to the new bathroom.  Ceramic tile was used on the floor and walls alike. The tile was enhanced by a matching border used at approximately four feet from the floor.  The new shower was built to have a curtain rod extended from a six inch wall on left and right separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Randy's New Walk-in Shower


Crown Molding in Randy's New Bathroom








Randy selected and purchased a free standing vanity which resembled a piece of furniture and had an above mounted wash basin.  Polished chrome was used on the light fixture, sink faucet, and shower fixture.  Since the existing window would be included in the shower area, a vinyl replacement window with obscure glass was installed in order to keep the room as low maintenance as possible.  Crown molding was installed in the entire bathroom. The room was completed by the installation of a low profile porcelain toilet.  Randy was finally proud to invite guests to stay over, again.

Randy's New Bathroom 1

By: Bryan Holloway


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Terry’s Entertainment Center

Terry and Sonya were looking for a more permanent solution to housing the TV and accompanying audio equipment, when they contracted with Summit View Remodeling.  A sixteen foot section of wall between two existing windows in the living room had been the place a small TV stand and a secondary table served to hold the other equipment.  The vaulted ceiling lead Jody to suggest a built-in unit to provide extra display spaces as well as a proper place for the television and components.

Wall prior to new Entertainment Center

The project required the addition of a two foot bump out to the existing exterior wall.  Had the unit intruded into the living area, too much of the floor space would have been eroded.  The enlarged foot print allowed for a nearly 20″ interior depth to the new cabinet.  The use of the new additional cavities on the unit to display vases and trinkets brought new life to the room.  The face of the entertainment center was painted in same color as the wood trim in the room.  This contrasting color scheme allowed for the unit to become the natural center of attention.

New Entertainment Center

Terry said of the project, “Sonya and I have had several people over and they all say it looks like the entertainment center was built with the house.  I guess that’s about the highest compliment you can receive.  Thank you for all your hard work, it looks great!”.  The additional new wall was constructed of 2x4s and covered on the exterior with matching stucco.  Once the paint was matched on the outside and inside, it was nearly impossible to see that the entertainment center was not original to the home.

New bump out

We are not surprised to hear these kinds of stories of satisfaction from our clients.  We  at Summit View take pride in offering our clients the best level of customer service possible with each job we undertake.  Whether it be a new roof or a remodeling project, Summit View Remodeling is ready to serve your needs.

New bump out side view








By: Bryan Holloway


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The Grand Canyon

Feature Fridays represent an effort to depart from the “all business” format which our readers and subscribers enjoy on a regular basis.  We realize that you depend on this website for information and ideas regarding the Home Improvement and Remodeling Industry.  We also strive to maintain a balance for work and pleasure and hope you find Feature Fridays to be encouraging and uplifting.

-Staff at Summit View Remodeling

This trip dates back to 2005; I went with a group of friends to see the canyon from Flagstaff.  We predated the new glass floored observation deck, but the pictures hardly justify seeing it in person.







We stayed on top of the rim but one guide commented that the tempeture at the bottom where the Colorado river runs wild in some 30 degrees warmer than standing atop the rim.  I some how had it in my mind that the river would make it cooler and all.  It seems that the air flow is greatly deminished by the narrowing of the canyon’s bottom and the air is just trapped.





If you haven’t been I would strongly recommend taking a few days, even a long weekend excursion to view the Grand Canyon for yourself.  The beauty God has created in this world is truly breath taking.








By: Bryan Holloway


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Monsoon Season

The monsoons have begun!  The beautiful blue skies have started being replaced with clouds building in the distance and threatening bad weather.  Many areas in valley have already received several rain showers.

Monsoon Season is here

Are you ready?  More importantly is your roof readySummit View Remodeling is proud to offer roofing and storm damage repairs in its arsenal of services rendered.  That’s right if you have a hail damaged roof, call Summit View at 623-755-4793.  We do flat roofs, modified bitumen, foam, shingled, slate, and tile roofs.

Roof install in progress

We have already helped many area residents and businesses recover from the hail storm of 2010.  We have been re-painting, re-siding, and replacing HVAC units, roofs, gutters, window screens, and wood trim damaged by the unexpected hail.  We have assisted our clients in gaining the most benefit from the insurance proceeds as laid out in their estimates (scope of claim) provided by their insurance companies.  Many times our clients have no out of pocket cost- A FREE ROOF.  So, whether you live in Scottsdale or Peoria, Phoenix or Mesa, Glendale or Fountain Hills if you need a roof- we are your best choice!


So act quickly before the sun sets on your policy (or rather opportunity to make a claim).  You see there are time limits on how long you have to make a claim and even time limits on having the work completed.  Why trust some fly-by-night contractor?  Call the professionals at Summit View Remodeling today and get the customer service quality you deserve, as a home owner you’ve earned it!

By: Bryan Holloway


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Saguaro Lake

Feature Fridays represent an effort to depart from the “all business” format which our readers and subscribers enjoy on a regular basis.  We realize that you depend on this website for information and ideas regarding the Home Improvement and Remodeling Industry.  We also strive to maintain a balance for work and pleasure and hope you find Feature Fridays to be encouraging and uplifting.

-Staff at Summit View Remodeling
Recently Jody and I actually stole away for a day to Saguaro Lake.  Yes, even contractors deserve the occasional day off.  I am not sure the crews even missed us.

Sunrise at Saguaro

A Saguaro Cactus at Saguaro Lake

Jody reels in a big one

Saguaro lake is a 1200 acre lake located forty miles northeast of Phoenix.  We arrived early enough to catch sunrise at the lake.  No worries, not one fish was harmed that day; the few we caught survived under our self-imposed “catch and release” policy.
Saguaro Lake 5

Saguaro Lake 4

By: Bryan Holloway

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Paul’s Roof Before and After

Paul's Roof before

Like so many of the Valley residents, Paul called needing a new roof and had already spoken to his insurance company.  Paul and his wife quickly provided the paperwork for our salesman to indicate exactly what the insurance company expected of the contractor.

The estimate provided by the insurance company proved to be incorrect as the adjuster had left off two complete slopes on the “scope of work”.  One quick call to the insurance company and we were back in business.  That’s right upon realizing their mistake we were able to have them make the necessary additions and the customer was not out any additional money.  As a matter of fact Paul was able to take advantage of a rebate which ensured that his roof was free, other than the insurance proceeds provided for the contractor.

Paul’s Roof After

The existing roof had been 3-tab shingles and the replacement shingles were architectural or dimensional shingles which now carry a limited lifetime warranty.    We upgraded Paul from 3-tab to a new dimensional shingle at no additional cost.  Having a professional salesman and experienced crew worked together to provide a seamless and pleasant experience for the customer.

Summit View Remodeling offers you a two year labor warranty.  We install both foam and shingles.  Call us today at 623-755-4793 for a FREE ROOF EVALUATION!

By: Bryan Holloway

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Custom Bookcases and Fireplace Surround

Brandon's Built-in Bookcases

Yes, we do custom carpentry!  The pictures display some work done in Brandon’s home.  This project included open shelving and lower doors with one set of upper doors.  The shelving is completely adjustable to accommodate changing decor.

Obviously, displaying photos is paramount to Brandon and his family.  The 12″ deep upper shelving provides ample space for pictures and knick knacks alike.  Keeping games and puzzles organized and most importantly out of sight is also important.  The kids know right where to find their favorite things but the parents are quick to point out that, “everything has its place”.  The half overlay, raised panel door style accents the other trim in the room and surrounding the fireplace and mantel.

The lower left and right portions of this family center are 18″ deep and the center unit projects 22″ into the room.  The white enamel paint provides a very durable finish.  Bead board lines the rear of the open shelves for a dramatic and classy touch.

Brandon's Fireplace Surround

The fireplace surround boasts of upper and lower square columns rising from floor to ceiling.  The simulated inset panels give a majestic feel to this center piece.  A quick run of base and cap installed above the mantel yields a stunning look contrasted by the mocha colored wall paint applied to the inside remaining drywall.  Let Summit View Remodeling design and fabricate some custom bookcases for you.

By: Bryan Holloway

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